70 Years of combine history | 14 combines, 1 farm | KMWP

Mechanisation on farms has come a long way since the 1950’s. In this video we follow the course of history when it comes to combine harvesters. What makes it unique is that all the footage was taken on the same farm from the early 50’s all the way up to the harvest of 2016. The farm is Koninklijke Maatschap de Wilhelminapolder, or KMWP in short. It is the largest privately owned arable farm in the Netherlands.

Although the working principle of combine harvesters has changed surprisingly little, the size, operator comfort and refined controls have, to name a few. We follow the farms fleet of five Bolinder-Munktell tanker machines from the early 1950’s, up to two rare Laverda 3900’s and a solitaire New Holland Clayson 8080 to a long period of John Deere history. Three new 1188 SII Hydro/4 models were followed-up by two 9660 WTS. These gave way in 2015 for a single Claas Lexion 780 Terra Trac with 12,3m wide header. Now a single machine can cut the same area that three or five machines used to in the past.

The archive photographs were kindly supported to us by Corné Goedhart. The early footage of the Laverda’s, NH Clayson and three JD 1188’s come from enthusiast Bert Voogt. Footage from the 21st century are all from my own archives.

Please sit back and step into the time machine to travel back into the 50’s and gradually following the course of history all the way up to last years harvest. It is worth it!

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