Brussels sprout harvesting XXL | 6 Tumoba & Jamafa harvesters | Gebr. Herbert

They might be named ‘Brussels’ sprouts but you need to come to The Netherlands to see this crop in earnest! Gebr. Herbert from Zeewolde is one of the largest growers in the country of this crop and they had no less than six machines out harvesting in December.

The Christmas season is the highlight of the year for the sprout harvest as this vegetable – whether you like it or not – can be found at many Christmas dinners. These harvesters usually work in groups of two or three together but for our photo and video purposes they lined up all together for a unique picture which for as far as we know has never been done before anywhere in the world!

The front three machines are all three row Jamafa harvesters. Following them are three Tumoba machines. All build in Holland. The first four machines have 3 operators and the latter two have 4 people operating them. A total of 20 people at work! Two people are constantly busy carting away the crop using a tractor with hooklift trailer and truck with hooklift body.

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