Krone Demo 2019 | BigM 450 | BigX 680 | Abemec | Dronten | Bigpack | Comprima

Krone Voederwinnings Demonstratie 2019.
Machines: o.a. Krone BigX 680,Krone BigM 450 gen4, Krone EasyCut, Krone SmartCut, Krone KWT, Krone Swadro, Krone AX, Krone TX, Krone ZX, Krone Bigpack en de Krone Comprima.
Locatie / Location: Abemec Flevoland, Wisentweg, Dronten (NL)


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Camera / Equipment:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

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Nederland / The Netherlands / Niederlanden
Landbouw / Agriculture / Landwirtschaft

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