The story of the Brussels sprout pt. II | 2 autonomous Claas Arion 650 planting

You might have seen the video that we uploaded in March of this year. The story of the Brussels sprout: In this video the sprouts are harvested, graded, packed and transported to the supermarket. In this second video we look at the planting of the crop at the same specialist grower, Gebr. Herbert in Zeewolde, the Netherlands.

Two identical Claas Arion 650 tractors are used. They are working nearly fully autonomous. Only on the headlands a driver comes into play to turn them round. The next step is to automate this, which is already possible through the John Deere GPS system. Both tractors feature a Baselier hook tine cultivator on the front to prepare the soil, which has been power harrowed in this case. On the back are two Ferrari four row planting machines that plant four rows at a 3m working width giving a row spacing of 75cm, much like potatoes.

Under the canvas of the planting machine there are controls to switch the tractor on and off plus an emergency stop. This system has been in operation for 8 years now without a fault.

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