The yellow tracked monster | *Brand New* Ploeger MKC-4TR | coriander harvest

This is latest machine build by harvesting machinery specialist Ploeger from Holland. The MKC-4TR is a machine developed for harvesting leaf vegetables (spinach, curly cabbage) and herbs (parsley, coriander). It is fitted with four Claas Terra Trac tracks. The cab is Claas as well of course. There is also a version with 2 tracks and 2 tyres (MKC-2TR), plus a version on four axles (MKC-8TR).

We follow the brand new MKC-4TR from specialist contractor Gebr. Koster on its first field. It is seen gathering in a crop of coriander. The header is 6m or 20ft wide. Behind the reciprocating knife a flail head leaves an even stubble so regrowth can commence quickly after harvesting. The plants are blown into containers using a very powerful fan. Hook lift trailers are used to bring the containers to and from the factory. In this case a Fendt 818 Vario with home made hook lift trailer.

You might remember this video from last year: The Ploeger replaced their home made Claas Jaguar. This machine can cut more acres, has a wider working width, lower ground pressure and saves 1 man on the job.

Music used: September Sky – Per Kiilstofte:

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