Tractor Legends: Doppstadt (LTS) Trac 160 | The final MB-Trac!

This LTS Doppstadt Trac 160 is the latest reincarnation from a long line of MB Trac tractors. When Mercedes-Benz quit production in 1991 the Eastern German manufacturer Landtechnik Schönebeck (LTS) took on production. It wasn’t long before LTS went on the look-out for an investor and found Doppstadt. The line-up of 80 to 205 HP tractors was continued until 2006 and then stopped for ever.

This early LTS build Trac 160 was sold new in France and imported second hand into the Netherlands by its current owner. The engine is a 160 HP Mercedes-Benz OM 366 A example. In total less than 500 LTS and Doppstadt Trac’s were build.

We find this ‘tractor legend’ hard at work powering a Claas Quadrant 2200 big baler baling haylage for a dairy farm. The location is a somewhat special field as it is actually a dyke which is cut for silage. Decades ago this ‘Knardijk’ in Zeewolde had to keep the washing sea water out of the freshly reclaimed polder.

Music provided by Frequency
Track: Fluex – Wings To Fly (Radio Mix)

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