A-Maize-ing harvest! | ERF | 2 trailers on tracks | Challenger MT765C & JD 6215R

This is maize harvesting with a twist in Holland last autumn. Two impressive overload trailers on tracks are used in conjunction with a Challenger MT765C and John Deere 6215R tractor. The forage harvester is the smallest in the Jaguar 900 line-up from Claas, the 930 with a 6 cylinder Mercedes OM 460 engine that pushes out 455 HP.

The unique trailers are build by Dutch manufacturer BLW and marketed by Areco of Holland. The tracked chassis have an interchangeable body. The bunker with a slat and chain unloading system can be used for a wide variety of crops such as potatoes, onions and sugar beet. With extensions they are used for carting grass, lucerne and maize silage as can be seen in this video. In the spring a large Tebbe muck spreader is mounted on one of these machines:

The forage harvester and excavator belong to a contractor and the tractors and trailers are from the largest organic farmer in the country: ERF. The maize silage was transported by lorries to dairy farmers across the country since this farm has no animals of its own. There is a big demand from organic farms for maize silage.

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