*NEW* Grimme Ventor 4150 potato harvester | Agritechnica 2017 neuheit | Big 5

Here is a short video of some Grimme Agritechnica novelties. During a press conference on September 4th in Germany, Grimme launched the all new Ventor 4150 4 row self propelled potato harvester. The machine combines two 2 row through fall lifting and haulm extraction systems. The bunker has a capacity of 15 tonnes and the engine delivers 530 hp max at 1.100 rpm.

The chassis is loosely based on the Rexor 620 beet harvester. This means that the unique feature: crab steer, is also present. In order to make this possible the whole lifting unit can swivel left and right without making adjustments to the crop stream. For road transport the machine folds in to 3.5m width.

After lifting the potatoes they are graded using the new PowerCombi reception hopper. PU cleaning rolls sieve out soil and grade the potatoes in 2 sizes. The machine is fitted with the Tomra Field Potato Sorter to take out stones and clods which is done automatically using cameras with a maximum capacity of 100t/hr.

At the end you can see a new conveyor belt which has been fitted with ‘SoftFlow’. These are PU-fingers that help reduce drop heights for the crop. All of the products will be officially launched during Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover.

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