Self-propelled potato planter | WKM CLE 130 V | Home made

Self-propelled potato planters are usually only to be seen in the United States. However, this Dutch farmer and contractor build one himself. The base unit is a WKM CLE 130 V tool carrier that led a first life as a sugar beet harvester. The frame was cut down and widened to accommodate a four row 3m wide Structural belt planter. The tipping hopper was constructed by themselves.

The idea for this machine is that the driver has an excellent view on the planting action. He can easily spot trouble if something happens. Another great advantage is the perfect weight distribution compared to a tractor mounted unit. The machine can turn very sharply, which means headlands can be kept to a minimum. The 75 cm beds have been formed prior to planting using an eight row 6m Baselier bed tiller.

This planting action was filmed on May 3rd 2016 in the Dutch town Rutten, Flevoland. The Noordoostpolder-region where this village is located is the top growing region for seed potatoes in Europe.

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