The potato planting train | *320 HP* John Deere 8320RT & Grimme GB 430 all in one

This combination can be described as a real potato planting train. The machine combines seven! different jobs in a single pass. That is modern potato planting for you. The whole outfit is powered by a nearly new 320 HP John Deere 8320RT crawler tractor.

On the front is a front-cultivator to level the plough furrows. It also carries a CHD front tank that stores liquid nitrogen fertiliser. The Grimme GB 430 belt planter is the German companies’ top of the range model. It uses a 3m wide hook tine cultivator to prepare a seedbed. Afterwards four 75 cm rows are planted and immediately ridged up. Before this happens chemical (Actara, Mocereen, etc.) is added and granular phosphate or a nematicide.

The combination is owned by a large scale arable farm in Flevoland, the Netherlands. It was working on some heavy clay soil during the 2016 spring on May 7th.

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