3 m wide Fendt F390GT drilling onions | CTF | Unique tool carrier tractor

Despite their age the Fendt GT and GTA tool carrier (Geräteträger) is still immensely popular. Especially amongst specialist growers with vegetables for example. This unique Fendt F390 GT has been widened to 3m track width by it’s owner, Dutch contractor Hopmans from Wieringerwerf.

It is seen drilling onions using a 6m wide Monosem MS precision drill. The machine drills one full 3m bed and two beds half width, which are joined up in the following run. The onions will be lifted with a 3m wide harvester as well. The land is preparing by a tractor on row crops at the same track width, so the land is never run on.

The two front tanks are used to apply liquid nitrogen and phosphate plus some trace elements. These help give the crop a kick start. The tractor is GPS controlled using an RTK-GPS system from SBG Guidance which is accurate up to 2cm. The drill is steered using it’s own SBG GPS system and uses steering disc’s.

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