Fendt Self Propelled slurry injector | From field to field | Van Diepen – Spanbroek

This unique self propelled umbilical slurry injector is the only on the in the world. It was created by Dutch contractor Van Diepen. As a base they used a Fendt 716 Vario, which had already led a busy life in their company clocking 20.000 hours. However, it is still very capable of carrying out this task.

The tractor was heavily modified for this project. On the back is a 1m³ tank which acts as a buffer when the machine is turning on the headland. This means the slurry pump can continue pumping. A swing over pipe makes sure the injector doesn’t hit the hose. The slurry is injected using a three part Roelama injector, which is featured with RTK-GPS section control.

The slurry is pumped to the field using a Fendt 820 Vario and Schouten Ideal pump. A Fendt Favorit 712 Vario is used to roll up and roll off the hoses. We follow this Fendt-team as they travel from farm to farm injecting slurry for dairy farmers. The slurry season starts on February 15th so it is still early days. The land is wet but needs must. The machine has its tyres on 1 bar and hardly leaves a mark.

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